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Titan Linux is an all new distro built on the Debian Stable branch. It's a fully functional yet minimal KDE Plasma desktop experience focusing on usability and performance with a wide range of hardware support out of the box. This distro is designed with the user in mind, eliminating dependency on certain meta-packages making it a more stable system overall. Titan Linux is truly a unique approach to the Debian experience.

Welcome to Titan Linux

KDE Plasma Desktop

The KDE Plasma Desktop has come a long way since it's inception. It's currently one of the most fully featured, scalable, and customizable desktop environments available making it the perfect choice for Titan Linux.

Calamares Installer

Calamares is a free and open-source independent and distro-agnostic system installer. Calamares is used by Garuda Linux, Manjaro, Netrunner, KaOS, KDE neon, Lubuntu, Sabayon Linux, Chakra, EndeavourOS, Peppermint, Artix Linux, and the Live medium of Debian. Making it the perfect easy to use solution for installing Titan Linux.

Development for the installer was started in 2014 by Manjaro community member Teo Mrnjavac “with support from Blue Systems

Very light weight.

We have gone to great lengths to make Titan as light as possible. We stripped out all unnecessary applications from the KDE Plasma desktop as well as replaced many of the default applications with lighter alternatives. We also eliminated dependency on certain meta-packages increasing the overall stability of Titan as well. If you have an older computer with lower hardware resources or simply want a trimmed down fast, light weight experience, Titan Linux might be for you.

The Titan Toolbox

The Titan Toolbox is the star of the show. This is our unique in-house tool for managing Titan Linux. The Toolbox consists of a menu system in your applications launcher linked to an Ncurses system which makes more technical system management task very simple for the end user. It has everything from a repository manager, Kernel installer, Browser installer, Firewall management, Snap, Flatpak, and appimage support, as well as other various system tweaks and functions. The Titan Toolbox is what really makes Titan Linux a Unique Experience.

Titan Linux Project Leader

Matthew Moore

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